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Daimond Blast Corporation Blasting, shot peening, deburring specialists

Blasting is a metal-cleaning process during which various forms of abrasives are propelled towards a metal part at high-speeds. The abrasives remove corrosion, burrs, flash and other undesired particles from the metal, leaving the metal ready for further protective coatings or additional machining. The type of abrasive used and the recommended velocity of the abrasive will vary with the delicacy of the part to be blasted and the extent of the material to be removed.
Blasting is commonly used in the following processes:
Descaling - removal of rust, oxidation and mill scale.
Deburring - removal of unwanted sharp edges and burrs left over from the manufacturing process.
Deflashing - removal of the excess material formed when metal parts are created using a mold.
Paint Removal - removal of old paint prior to a new coating process.
Surface Preparation create a uniform surface finish.

Typical parts that require blasting include castings, forgings, fabrications, weldments, and heat treated parts.

Daimond Blast Corporation Blasting, shot peening, deburring specialists

Automated Blasting
We can utilize our extensive range of automated blasting equipment to minimize cost and achieve a uniform surface finish. Diamond Blast Corporation operates eight automated blasting machines including two large rotation table blasting machines and six rubber and steel belt tumbling barrel blasting machines.

Types of abrasives available include steel grit and steel shot, depending on the required finish.
Hand Blasting
Diamond Blast Corporation operates two walk-in blasting rooms and three cabinet blasting systems. We can handle parts up to 30 feet long with a maximum weight of 10,000 pounds.

Types of abrasives available include glass bead and aluminum oxide, depending on the required finish.
Our Blasting Services
Diamond Blast Corporation provides automated table blasting, automated tumble barrel blasting and various forms of hand blasting.  We remove scale, coatings, and contaminants of various steel parts without altering critical surfaces to produce a uniformly finished exterior surface.

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